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Our goal is continuously negotiate until a buyer and seller agree on the ideal price. The final price must be negotiated prior to the purchasing or renting of any domain name.

To Purchase a domain name:We use to secure and process your payment. Once your payment clears, We will ask you to open a free account at or, email to us your new login(not the password!). We can then push the domain instantly into your new account for complete ownership and control. Only at this point, may you move your domain name to a different registrar of your choice.

To Rent a domain name:To protect both parties, We personally manage all rental/leasing agreements. Our rental lease is very short and simple with nothing hidden. Once the final price is agreed, You will be sent a rental/lease contract with the monthly fee and length of time. Rental price is to be paid monthly, You may end the contract of at any time, If you do not keep your agreement in good standing. The domain name will be returned to the seller and any monies paid out will be forfeited. Please remember; The seller must remove the domain name from the open market, they may not sell the domain name or collect monthly traffic revenue while the domain name is under a rental contract.

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